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If you are not a registered member, please register now on Maxwell Materials page. If you are already registered with the THINK! The Maxwell Render resource center you do not need to re-register, you can use the same password information.

Here you can

1. Upload Material: Once you have made your material and are happy with it, you can upload it here to share with other Maxwell render users.

2. Download Material: Seen a material that does exactly what you need? Browse through the different categories and download it for free.

3. Rate other materials: Downloaded a material you like? Help other users by rating your the best materials.

4. Win great awards: The highest ranking materials will win special prizes from Next Limit, so keep sending them in and don’t forget to vote for your favourites.

How does it work?

The First step is to get registered. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to upload and download as many materials as you want!

Next, if you are uploading, make sure you do not upload more than 700kb as the system will not allow it. If you are uploading packages (including textures and .r2 files), please do it in .zip, .rar or .mxm formats.

Please remember to use the template we provide, and that the materials should always be originals created by you. We would all appreciate of course, that uploaded materials are of acceptable quality.

Please follow the link and download the provided scene. Please add your material to it and render it. Then, upload the .mxm through the form provided.

For more technical details regarding the scene, please read the following document (PDF document)

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TThis site has been created as a meeting point for those who want to share their Maxwell materials with other users. You will find hundreds of wonderful materials to use in your scenes.